congratulation and celebration....

alamak ey..kecik jek gambonye(curik dr fb mommy)

whatever it is i am officially MAMA AZNI
congrates from me yek kak yah(i used to call her kak yah instead of nadia)

~iklan sejenak~

aku baru jek added my afzanians frens yg mmg dh lama giler lost contact..
tup2 terjumpa r blk di fb ni..
n bila tgok2 kt page they ols..wow masing2 sdh pun berumahtangga
yg dlm waiting list(engaged r tu) pn ramai..
yay cant admit that im kinda jeles there..
but what to say..
it is not my time yet..
then out of sudden my dearest cousin have to be induce today cos overdue already..
the time she said aroun 9days late..mmg lambat la kan?
so just now she uploaded her 1st baby picture and stated there its 3.9 kg..
then its tell a lot r kan sebab overdue tu..
but at least bila tgok gmbr baby tu mmg sgt2 r puas atnye..
very the comel ok??
dng berat sedemikian dan kelahiran normal..
i have to call her super mommy from just rite now!!
its such an amazing for her to gave a normal birth with that baby weight...
ok azni sampai time ko nanti camne r kn..
stop it r azni u r not married yet so dont talk bout this thing yet..
get urself marriage life then only u can talk bout this..
ok nemos after this ak akn citer psl kawin lak..
mud nk kawin ni dh memberontak sgt2 ni..hahahaha...

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