another tutorial video uploaded by me!!hehehe..
at last!! managed to upload this video after 3 times trial!! yippie (eh trigt akaun maybank zmn kanak kanak dulu)
so hope everything went well..

but this time its colorful eyeshadow yg ak mmg jarang put it on my face!!
just a few days back time aku nyelongkar my makeup bag..
then terserempak with eyeshadow ni yg inspired me lot!!
nak2 lagi i have the same exact color shawls..
so apalagi..harusla a gv a try on it..
and the results was soo amazing....

also forgive me ye nemos cos of the background 'music' tu..
it comes from my (act not mine its hanis atiqah props) usb fan..
korg GenJet kn jek video ni ek...
jng lupa tambahkan bilangan follower aku ni..hehehehe~
~luv u gals~

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