.M.O.V.I.E.R.E.V.I.E.W::World Invasion:Battle of LA

helloooo there...
nak share sumthing psl movie..rsanye mcm dh lama giler i didnt post anything for the movie review..well bkn apa pn lately mmg every movie that i went i just give 5min trial b4 the movie watching me..heheh.

the latest movie i went to watched is WORLD INVASION:BATTLE OF LA...this movie is AWESOME dude!!serious shit!!mmg SUPERB!!its worth every single penny u spent!!when the time my BF bought the ticket via maybank2u we are like the 2nd person in the house but in time we are in there its almost full house!!!

story begin when a mysterious objects thought to be meteorites crash into earth's ocean at near several major city.the story centers around Staff Sergeant Nantz (cast by aaron eckhart). he is nearing retirement after losing some men on his previous war when he being called to assist 2nd Liutenant (erk x igt nama ye) in the evacuation of civilians when biomechanical killing machine(alien r ni tp sort of having a heart) invade. the platoon was ordered to go downtown LA and try to save civilian which they found at breakdown police station where the combat action starts. before they managed to get to the police station they being ambushed by the aliens in so many timeand at the same time they encounter US Army soldiers and an Air Force Technical Sargent Santos(they all panggil using her 1st name so xtau nama btol ye sapa)the Marines commandeer a bus for evacuation. During this ordeal, the staff sargent nantz find out the aliens weaknesses by the help of civilians whom veterinarian used to be and being told by the technical sargent santos that the alien attack aircraft are remote-controlled drones.the Marines speculate that there must be a central command center, and that the destruction of this command center would eliminate control of the alien drones, crippling the enemy forces. one of the civilians whom having his son with is wounded after firing on the aliens. the 2nd liutenant wounded and sacrifices himself to destroy an enemy unit by detonating explosives inside the bus, shortly after placing Nantz in command of the platoon.

erm nk citer lebih2?u gals better watch by urself to get the burst out of ur eyes!!siyes ak leh lak menangis time ayh bdk tu mati..sedey woo and time si staff sargent tu diperkotak kasutkn oleh salah sorg platoon yg mana abgnye mati time last war ngn staff sargent tu.mamat tu xpuas at tp bila sargent tu sebut satu2 nama together with the pangkat and yg xleh blah siap sebut their id no baru r mamat tu mcm respek sikit r kt staff sargent ni.eisyh mmg citer ni terbaik r stakat yg ak dh tgok ni..yela dr nk perabiskn wit tgok si MERONGGENG tu mmg x r...


  1. kene tengok! sgt best. full of action

  2. kan..mmg sgt2 best citer ni...terbaik dari ladang la~