here we go again...
well another video uploaded by me myself..
erm actually got another one that have to be uploaded first..
but dont know what happen dkt utube ntah...
ak punyer la overnite my laptop semata utk upload the vid..
tup2 early morn td uploaded failed..shite~
i promise i gave another try but same result occured!!!
so i put that damn vid away while im uploading the next vid..
and here it goes..done with the uploading..

hello....can u get back to the title u beauty charming writer(nek lip(lift) lak ak ni)!!!

ok back to the title indeed..
this time tutorial vid is for sharing an idea..
wont find the same bloddy vid out there in utube or anywhere else as it is my 1st idea!!
yeay nemos this earrings shawl mmg dtgnye dr idea ak sendiri..
i am not plagiarised or copy from any other sources...
it is originally from WAN NOOR AZNI BT WAN A.R. AZIZAN herself...
its happen at one nite when outing ngn dila kt JONKER WALK..
kan yg ak citer kt prev nye entry..
jumpa earrings yg comel n murah..
so dng penuh excited try dlm kereta gk..hehehee....
so i decided to share with all the beautiful readers of my blogs..
SHARING is CARING indeed...

so here it goes...
just wanna share this beauty tip for u gals for i love to see beautiful girls surround me!!
so GeneJet the video...hope u gals enjoyed!!!


  1. hihihi... model terlampau, make up cam terover lah my dear, but must give you a tabik, artis serba boleh, you go girl!

  2. makeup n nails tu kn nk seragamkan ngn shawls..haha...guna nail polish tu smata nk wt video ni...

  3. da agk da cekak tu kat jonkerwalk nye..jom shoping kat jonkerwalk!!!!