its kinda good in having this blog so we can tell out loud our feeling in here.
i might be not in good in writing so rather be copy paste the lyrics that particularly similar dengan apa yg aku rasa right now..but i'll try to write my best..

awak tau x?
sejak 1st time kita jumpa
saya mcm suka kat awk
but then awk wat donno jek..

awk tau x?
bila kita start kawan
saya cerita a whole story bout myself
yela utk kita saling kenal mengenali
but then again its just come from one side
u never tell me bout urs!!

awk tau x?
bila u asking me a hand
once again i tell u what u really need to know bout me
saya xnak dituduh menipu n hope u can cope with it
but then its just in the beginning
before u show me ur true color

awk tau x?
saya xpernah maki org apatah lg someone yg sy syg
but then bila sy kena maki how could i stay silence?

awk tau x?
saya mmg xpernah pukul org even adik2 sendiri
but then when someone hit me how could i stay calm?

awk tau x?
saya calling awk dengan niat nak bermanja
dengan niat nak berkasih
dengan niat nak sharing something
but then once heard ur tone semua rasa hilang

awk tau x?
setiap kali we're having a problem
and we need a discussion
u keep on repeating saya suka wat kepala
but then awk sedar x yg awk akn monopoly our talk?

awk tau x?
awk selalu kutuk kwn2 saya
walaupun mereka xpernah badmouth psl awk
sebaliknye mereka sering puji awk!!

awk tau x?
bila awk hina saya dlm gurauan depan kwn2 awk
sy kecik at tp saya masih mampu utk tersenyum

awk tau x?
sy betul2 benci gaya awk mengata
mengutuk,memerli org
ye saya tau awk x kisah when people talk back
tapi saya kisah!!

dan awk sedar x yg kita semakin menjauh??
awk semakin kurang bertanyakan kabar saya
ajak dinner pun xde dah
kalo diri ini masih disayangi pls come back to me
cos i stil LOVE u and i MISS u so much
i miss the old behaviour of urs..
attitude yg sering buatkan saya tersenyum
buatkan tidur malam sy ditemani mimpi2 indah
juga buatkan saya sentiasa tenang..
BUT THEN if u have sumbody else utk disayangi
talk to me cos saya akan mengundurkan diri
menjauh dari hidup awk menghilangkn diri dr pandangan
cuma satu yg saya pinta let me bring our memories together....

with pain and tears on 6.06am
bilik depan taman jati indah

Mis Azni Azizan


This time n3 mighta b a lil different than previous n3 cos this time i nk share a thought wit nemo2 out there..bukan apa..quite surprising actually bila bc somebody's blog yg more to buruk memburukan with each other..Why on earth do we need to do such thing as that?

I am dazzled for that!!!What is the main function for having a blog if u guys keep on butt attacking??hello??like no other way utk frame out ur true feelings!!kalo berani face to face r beb..dun be butt attacker!!u guys worth much more than that!!rite??yela maybe thats what this blog is all about..well i myself frame out my feelings towards this blog but hey come on it is without any hidden agenda lies!!yes i admit i frame my feeling sumhow in here but that is it!!no butt attacking it is just calling out ur inner calls!!

In addition if anonymous read ur blogs(i mean both of them)just like me..hehehe actually i do read those two blogs..so it seems like having a lil confusions..seems like u having silent war between both of u.cos yela everybody keep on talking the good ways..time tula kunun x berharta,xde rupa paras and blah..blah..blah...it seems for me u r asking for peeps to sympathize..well hello...padahal everybody noticed that one of u trying so hard to look gr8!!i mean trying so damn hard to look gorgeous,by looking u as a daughter of sumbody,got loads of money to spend with ur travelling schedule and blah..blah..blah...

Whatever it is..U are URSELF!!never denies what lies on u!!be praised for what u r having!!stop pretending and acting like ur an angel if it is NOT!!be as true as u could ever be..live ur life as urs..and WORLD PEACE!!;)

Lots Of luv,
Mis Azni Azizan,
bilik depan rumah Taman Jati,


as if yesterday is the public holiday as announced by Ketua Menteri Melaka so with no where destination, me and my BF rumbling around Malacca.well mmg r memula tu xde intention utk ke Malacca just nak pergi somewhere near for our lunch destination.but then again after discussion(discus ke??)we heading to Malacca juga.

then parked the car at Hatten Square which is a new developed car park cooperate together with Dataran Pahlawan (source from AZNIWIKI).quite impressed la kan this parking lot because of the convenience for peeps with the same intention as us(tgok movie).this car park had a bridge that connect this Hatten Square with Dataran Pahlawan.

Back to the n3 title.after having a 'love quote' we decide to watch RED~Retired Extremely Dangerous movie that worth every penny spent!!dunno why but lately every movie that we watched is novel basis movie.same goes for this time.

RED~Retired Extremely Dangerous!!

So if u need something done right..Get the old guys to do it. Of course, it helps! if the old guys used to be cold-blooded Government killers. Mind u, not that those are bad things to have in a big-budget Hollywood action-comedy, but u should know what u're getting into.

Bruce Willis is Frank Moses, a retired wetworks operative (re: CIA hitman) who is living a solitary existence in his old age, spending his time finding excuses to call the perky and pretty Sarah (dont know her real name), who mans the Government pension hotline that sends Frank his checks. After a small army of killers try to take him out one night, Frank realizes that his past has come back to bite him in the ass. Not being one to sit idly by as high-tech assassins gun him down(mmg xkn dok diam r kan after ur house burned down tragically!!), Frank makes it his mission to uncover the cause of his sudden popularity, which means seeking help from his fellow retirees. The good-natured, happy-to-lucky Joe (Morgan Freeman), the paranoid Marvin (also cant recall his real name), and the classy British dame Victoria (Helen Mirren) are more than happy to lend a hand well hand might b not that exact word it is actually a machinegun or miscile. Also along for the ride is Sarah, who Frank claims has to come with him or else she might be targeted. Then again, maybe that’s just a lame excuse to get her to tag along, being that he really, really likes her and all(dok koyak cek pencen n claim that he doesnt received it yet!!).

The order to take out Frank comes from on high, forcing our hero to work his way through the CIA all the way to the very top. Trying to stop him is company man William Cooper (Karl Urban), essentially a younger version of Frank Moses. And like Frank, Cooper is happy to do his job for his country, until he starts to realize he may be chasing the wrong “bad guys”. Of course, until he gets to that point, Cooper is running around with an endless army of CIA goons trying to kill Frank, Joe, Marvin, and Victoria.to think he might noticed when frank's leveled 4 lung cancer and 80 years old Joe being shot even he does said hold ur trigger and not to shoot anyone!!Joining in on the fun is Brian Cox, who is amusing throughout as the Russian equivalent of our retiree heroes. Ernest Borgnine has a brief but memorable cameo as the CIA’s records keeper, while Richard Dreyfuss, Julian McMahon, and Rebecca Pidgeon round out the cast as the film’s bureaucratic asshole bad guys faction.

Honestly, if u go into “Red” expecting some serious conspiracy thriller, it’s really not the movie’s fault that you’ll leave disappointed. If you’ve seen any of the film’s trailers, or even read anything about it prior to buying your ticket, you must have known that this is a flight of fancy not to be taken seriously on any level. For God’s sake, Helen friggin Mirren is running around with an MP5 taking on a small army of Secret Service agents in a hotel kitchen.

So what are u guys waiting for booked ur ticket or start queuing up so that we can share a thought bout this movie..