xtau nk start cmne..jus to share some of my pic during cny recently...but b4 dat jus wanna brief da xtvts...

so well started from micet going back to my hometown SG BULOH...then drop by kat my kindy jus 2 peeping around..after that directly going home...and after a discussion bout some (i thinnk a big 1) issue, we decided going kg by da nex day....
as usual kalo dok kt umah mmg x sah rasanye if not going anywhere....my parents jus luv so much hanging out i dunno why...erm its questioning me all this time...first we went to jalan pasar..me also dunno what is the best part about it..but ayah told me that he like to watch all the people around there and plus there is a lot of fun things you guys can found it here...well for me its looks like a pasar mlm...and trust me we jus menyesakkan keadaan cos nothing to buy la...all the things there seems like 'made in chine' things...after that went to makan2 at restoran AYAM KAMPUNG located at KOTA DAMANSARA (this is ayah's fav)..so as da name itself i xyah nk elaborate more r kot cos of the specialty of the rest is AYAM KAMPUNG but dun wori..for those who like me, not eating all da AYAM KAMUNG stuff u also can find other menu there..and money worth la..then we moving to GIANT@TESCO SHAH ALAM(i couldnt remember which 1 cos these 2 is my mak's fav shopping place)..see what ayah done..

ayah wearing some army's child helmet

erm well kinda funny to see ayah wearing such a helmet...damn...huhu..but dats my ayah...
then before return home went to pick up ayah's bike cos ayah had met accident in front of our house (that is why i am not drive to micet)..

inilah rupenye motor yg baru kua dr workshop


arrived at kg(kuantan) around 1.30 a.m but then as usual if mak n cikda berjumpa so tido mmg r lmbt..we all tido around 4.30 a.m cos chit chatting about the issue again....erm dunno when does this issue will blah!!!and also all the bibik's pn tido lambat..well my new bibik (whom i called mbak ersi) baru nyampei di malaysia 2 ari and not yet see the senior bibik so jejak kasihan balik r...oh fyi all the bibiks in our family is relatively connected to each other..most of them conected via cousins r..hehehe...tu yg lama borak...
around 8-9 am our breakfast for that day is nasi lemak..but as if not our awa's cooks so sambal hampeh!!n yet i discovered its bibik surani cooks...so frustrated....but what can i say there is nothing in the kitchen cos awa being to KL and currently at SETIU (kinda jalan2 cari makan).normally bibik surani's cook is yummy but..ya what can i say..nothing in the kichen..cant blame her...then afternoon my cousin NADIA ask me for out to find her hantaran things..but its a CNY so lot of kedai closed!!so went to east coast mall jela...when perut got hungry we fuel up with me curry at PANTAI BATU HITAM..

waiting for the curry mee...

nowdays mee curry ni dah x sesedap dulu


today went outing with my lil sis..well there is no other place like one utama damansara (used to call OU) well we all dh so sgt2 familiar ngn this place since my school time lg. booking ticket tgok cite percy jackson and damn!!what a great movie it is...but b4 tu isi da perut dulu r kot..
my lil sis~ecah

alamak..how can i forget to snap the food..damn..mighta be very hungry that day so that is why x nyompek dah ha nk snap a pic..huhu...

think thats all from me now..till met again..da..

Mis Azni Azizan

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