erk...what it is all about..i??go to china?ya right u there!!
so here it goes..i will be off to china or in exact place~GUANGZHOU in about 5days and 4nights starting from tomorrow 6/01/2011 until 10/01/2011..
try googling bout this guangzhou apa yg ak terjumpa just they all used to spoke cantonese
and i was like helloooo..cantonese?u got to be kidding me!!yg ak tau just basic mandarin tu pun sekadar..ni hao..yg len2 kena bk kamus blk..huhuhu~dead~
so how was me communicate there??alamak!!!moms~
dah r in my head ni dh bermacam2 benda nk shopping and then if me failed in the communication so how was i be able to get things cheap??damn~
then terbaca r pula..they also know a lil bit of english..fuh!!lega~
so nemos i will be off to china!!the communist country and do pray for my safety!!
opsie...me not yet change the atmcard and also maxis for roaming..so how am i supposed ti update myself??erk~my bad...

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