~moms can be so understanding~

here some story nk share with all the nemos out there..true story bout mother..well this times around my mother..

refer to previous n3, my mom memainkan peranan yg sgt penting dalam cooling down my dad's temper..ya,my dad is high tempered person but hey its normal if u r having a protected(some said overprotected) father like i did and a daughter behave just like me!!!heheheh...

b4 getting out i do ask permission for coming home a lil bit late than usual from my mom so she kinda think yang i ni akan sampai rumah around 10pm as if we ols kua pun dh around 3.30pm.well she soooo understanding but not my dad..mmg my dad dah pernah gave warning to us never comes home later than maghrib!!which mean we must in house b4 7pm..

at the time i getting out my dad mmg tiada di rumah so he doesnt know im going out.i just tell my mom and here all the things started..when he arrived homes so he kinda mad at me cos does not tell him at the first place.and he starts his 'lecture'(my dad is a lecturer so he is very well person when it comes to 'lecture' time) so my lil sis pun memainkan peranan menghantar msg yang berbunyi spt "k.long balik sebelum maghrib" then i replied dng berkata "kenapa ayah bising ke" and she replied me back "lebih dr bising...." and bla..bla..bla..n of this story.

so as if i told my mom earlier, she's worried la kan yela dah kata pun ak dh cakap nak balik lwt sikit so here it goes..my mom ajak my dad keluar ke rumah my aunty kt shah alam dng alasan "kesian bibik ersi nak jumpa bibik surani(mbak er ngn bibik surani sedara) plus i nak mtk bibik surani mengurut sikit(bibik surani very good in massaging)".whereas she's worried for me..hehehe..kiranye my mom ni x psl wat dosa cos membohongi suami demi anaknya..well i love u mom..

on the other side, i pun mereka la cerita "tula sajad pun dah worried cos dah kol 4pm xkan nk tgok wyg kot.nnt risau pulak ayah..(wah if only this thing comes from him) so we ols just kua mkn(pdhal xmkn pape pn) then dpt msg dr angah soh blk awal.punyala sajad takut yg org kena marah ngn ayah sampai makan pun x abis nak anta org blk"(so sori mom cos tpksa mereka this kind of story) i will never let the truth out!!....

pendek kata this kind of behaviour(mereka cerita) i gained from my mom..heheheh..

she's so incredible yet she's my mom!!!

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