This time n3 mighta b a lil different than previous n3 cos this time i nk share a thought wit nemo2 out there..bukan apa..quite surprising actually bila bc somebody's blog yg more to buruk memburukan with each other..Why on earth do we need to do such thing as that?

I am dazzled for that!!!What is the main function for having a blog if u guys keep on butt attacking??hello??like no other way utk frame out ur true feelings!!kalo berani face to face r beb..dun be butt attacker!!u guys worth much more than that!!rite??yela maybe thats what this blog is all about..well i myself frame out my feelings towards this blog but hey come on it is without any hidden agenda lies!!yes i admit i frame my feeling sumhow in here but that is it!!no butt attacking it is just calling out ur inner calls!!

In addition if anonymous read ur blogs(i mean both of them)just like me..hehehe actually i do read those two blogs..so it seems like having a lil confusions..seems like u having silent war between both of u.cos yela everybody keep on talking the good ways..time tula kunun x berharta,xde rupa paras and blah..blah..blah...it seems for me u r asking for peeps to sympathize..well hello...padahal everybody noticed that one of u trying so hard to look gr8!!i mean trying so damn hard to look gorgeous,by looking u as a daughter of sumbody,got loads of money to spend with ur travelling schedule and blah..blah..blah...

Whatever it is..U are URSELF!!never denies what lies on u!!be praised for what u r having!!stop pretending and acting like ur an angel if it is NOT!!be as true as u could ever be..live ur life as urs..and WORLD PEACE!!;)

Lots Of luv,
Mis Azni Azizan,
bilik depan rumah Taman Jati,

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